Retirement Planning for Medical Professionals

Nothing can be more important to your financial well being that having a sound, unbiased and regularly evaluated retirement plan. From our headquarters based in Boise, Idaho this is just what we do. Day in and day out our expertise is 100% focused on establishing best practices to ensure your retirement plan yields the strongest benefit for you, your medical practice and your loved ones.

Financial security and wealth is built through two key mechanisms: (1) your career expertise, hard work and endeavors and (2) your ability to optimize the first against a strong investment plan to build wealth and retirement. Our retirement plans take into consideration the optimal timing and age for your retirement to begin, your financial assets required to sustain an enjoyable retirement for you and your loved ones and works to secure strong wealth distribution and life’s end.


Modern medicine is evolving and it is becoming more probable that you will live a long life. Having someone who can help you run retirement scenarios and create retirement savings plans will ensure that you do not outlive your money. Our clients throughout Idaho count on us to maintain consistent reviews, updates and optimization of their financial plan. As each of our clients experience change over their working career, we are there to help them maximize every opportunity, and minimize exposure and risk.  For each client we offer to review 401k and 403b options, employment agreements, estate documents, insurance documents and anything alike. Very few other firms could say the same thing.

At least half of Americans woke up this morning without anything even remotely resembling a retirement plan today. Don’t squander your expertise and career pursuits with shortsighted financial planning. Furthermore, don’t leave your retirement in the hands of a biased financial services firm working primarily for their own immediate commissions rather than your long term security and wealth.

About Idaho Medical Association

The Idaho Medical Association now exceeds 2,500 members of medical professionals through the state of Idaho. All of these medical professionals meet the association’s strict membership requirements. Our financial services group is uniquely skilled to provide the utmost wealth management services optimized for medical professionals like those throughout the association.

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