Wealth Management Services for Medical Providers

Wealth management is the best way to describe our complete set of financial services. Just as the Idaho Medical Association places a high bar for its membership so does the Wealth Management group of the association. We take on a serious fiduciary responsibility and work daily to proficiently manage and optimize the growth of each individuals clients wealth and wealth distribution.

Does Wealth Management Differ from Other Services?

Wealth management is an all-in-one approach to solving and building your fiscal well-being. Gain control of and grow your financial future, start by scheduling a no-cost consultation with a wealth manager in our Boise office.

Wealth Managers Headquartered in Boise, Idaho

Having a wealth manager that you can meet and communicate with regularly is key. At Idaho Medical Association Financial Services (IMAFS) we value being available to our clients. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho we are uniquely equipped to work with those looking to better their financial health and future for all those in the Boise area and throughout all of Idaho.

About Idaho Medical Association

The Idaho Medical Association now exceeds 2,500 members of medical professionals through the state of Idaho. All of these medical professionals meet the association’s strict membership requirements. Our financial services group is uniquely skilled to provide the utmost wealth management services optimized for medical professionals like those throughout the association.

Are You in Need of a Financial Health Check Up?