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Estate Planning for Medical Professionals

A comprehensive financial plan not only provides for your family’s present and future goals; it also ensures that they will be taken care of in the unfortunate event of your passing. Having an effective estate plan eases the burden on the loved ones you left behind by providing a timely and cost-effective allocation of assets.

Estate planning is the in-depth process of preparing for the distribution of wealth and assets following a person’s death. Various aspects of a comprehensive estate plan include: choosing beneficiaries, appointing a guardian over minor children, arranging for asset distribution, debt management, and the minimization of unnecessary taxes or fees. Our financial planners are knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of estate planning for medical professionals and can assist you in making the right decisions for you and your loved ones.

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At Idaho Medical Association Financial Services, we understand the difficulties a medical professional faces each and every day. You are busy taking care of the needs of others and have little time to properly investigate all the components of estate planning for medical professionals. Financial circumstances for medical professionals vary and need to be addressed by an estate planner familiar with the healthcare industry. Many individuals in healthcare are high-wage earners and thus have a larger estate, potentially making them more susceptible to higher estate taxes. Additionally, a physician’s estate may also encompass a private practice and require asset and liability protection.

Asset Management for Doctors

We specialize in estate planning for medical professionals and asset management for doctors and physicians. We have the experience in the financial sector to cater to the circumstances surrounding a physician’s professional career and private life. We focus solely on creating a comprehensive estate plan for physicians that will meet the needs of the individual. Our estate planners will assist in:

  • Creating a living trust, last will and testament, and power of attorneys
  • Ensuring that the current will/trust is comprehensive and up-to-date
  • Manage asset allocation
  • Analyze your estate plan to make certain that any potential taxes or fees are minimized
  • Create a plan that can be implemented in a timely manner in the case of your death (avoiding probate, etc.)

Implement sound financial decision-making with the help of our team at Idaho Medical Association Financial Services. Our financial planners specialize in estate planning for medical professionals so that you can plan for your family’s future. Don’t take chances with your financial future! With our help, you can successfully undertake financial planning to ensure your loved ones are cared for in the event of your passing. When searching for estate planning for medical professionals, look no further than the experts at Idaho Medical Association Financial Services.

We also offer numerous other financial services for physicians to assist them with our estate planning for medical professionals. Whether you require physician mutual insurance or retirement plans for doctors, we have the experience and resources to provide our customers with high-quality financial choices. If you are in need of investment planning for medical professionals or 403b plans for medical professionals, take a moment to check out our services. For more information or to begin your financial planning, contact us today!

About Idaho Medical Association

The Idaho Medical Association members currently exceed 2,500 medical professionals throughout the state of Idaho. All of these medical professionals meet the association’s strict membership requirements. Our financial services group is uniquely skilled to provide the utmost wealth management services optimized for medical professionals.

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