Sam Watkins, CFP®


Having been raised by a successful financial planner, Sam Watkins has been in training almost his entire life!

Sam grew up discussing finance and economics around the dinner table with his father. Today, he uses that foundation to help clients build and secure wealth through academically sound financial planning. He is proficient at investment management, tax strategy, and retirement planning, bringing focus and attention to detail as essential parts of his work. Sam is passionate about finance and loves the satisfaction of building relationships and creating financial security for his clients. He is proud of the value that TrueNorth Wealth offers.

Sam has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Brigham Young University, with coursework emphasizing finance and accounting. While attending BYU, he interned for a year at TrueNorth Wealth to learn the practice from the ground up. Simultaneously, he obtained his licensing as a Certified Financial Planner.

Sam is married and loves spending time with his wife, Halie, who he met in elementary school. Together, they like board games, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, riding horses, snowboarding, and travel. He has visited 22 countries, including: Israel, Czech Republic, Chile and Fiji. Additionally, he plays the piano and the guitar.

What do you like most about your job?
The best aspect of my job is the value I can add to people’s lives by helping them establish and secure their financial foundation. I deeply enjoy developing relationships of trust with clients and making a difference in their lives.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Paleontologist.

What is the thing you can’t live without?
My wife, Halie.