Joe Griffin


As the Chief Executive Officer of TrueNorth Wealth, Joe Griffin helps the firm consistently deliver exceptional client service.  Joe is a focused, results-driven leader committed to building and empowering a unified team of professionals whose work reflects a culture of accountability and success.  Under Joe’s leadership, TrueNorth has enjoyed tremendous and continuing growth that has accelerated markedly year-after-year, with assets under management now totaling well over $800 million.

While not the focal point of Joe’s work, this growth is a natural by-product of the client-first mentality he has helped instill as a guiding principle for the firm.  In an industry where the average client retention rate hovers somewhere around 75%, Joe has helped TrueNorth retain clients at an extraordinary rate of 98%.

Joe also takes pride in hiring and mentoring other team members able to provide—and driven to deliver—the level of client service that is central to TrueNorth’s mission.  In addition to identifying and recruiting top talent, this effort includes hiring individuals who best demonstrate and advance the firm’s fiduciary mindset.  To give his team the best opportunity to thrive, Joe works hard to foster a healthy work environment where communication is open, direct, and respectful.  In every aspect of his work, Joe strives to be intentional about when to lead from the front, when to lead from behind, and when to follow the lead of others.  He is quick to acknowledge that TrueNorth’s success is based on sustained team effort.

Joe brings extensive experience to his current role, having previously worked in a number of different industries and various types of companies, from the quintessential family business to large-scale commercial real estate.  Since stepping into his first managerial role more than twenty-five years ago, Joe has enjoyed honing skills and discovering strategies for motivating and uniting teams.

Outside his work at TrueNorth, Joe serves on the Ouelessebougou Alliance Board, an organization devoted to transforming the quality of life in West Africa by delivering sustainable health, education, and self-reliance programs.  Joe has also enjoyed serving in a Utah-based children’s cancer camp, as well as orphanages in Mexico.

In his free time, Joe loves camping, boating, mountain biking, and simply being outdoors.  He is also a triathlon competitor.  Most of all, Joe loves spending time with his wife and three children.