Jae Jung Team

Jae Jung

Office Manager

Jae loves to cook for his friends and family! Not only is he a fabulous chef, he also bakes. He makes absolutely amazing cookies and brownies. Jae is a true foodie, who is always looking for something new and different to try. When Jae has any downtime, he is in the kitchen exploring.

Jaehwang Jung is the office manager at TrueNorth Wealth Management. Before coming to TNWM, he had extensive management experience. A major interest of his is learning about different businesses and how they run and operate.

Jae has an Associate Degree in Applied Science and Business Management, from Ensign College.

Jae is a people person who loves people of all kinds. He loves talking and connecting with our clients. He takes care of our team, ordering supplies, scheduling appointments, and organizing the office. Jae is a person who is never satisfied with ordinary. He wants to be better every day.

Jae is the oldest of four children born in South Korea. His family is very important to him, and he calls home to Korea daily! Jae is generous with time, food and money, with family, friends and even strangers. He enjoys sports, both playing and watching. Soccer, baseball, basketball and ping pong are his favorites. He loves a new project, and once he is done wants to try something new, rather than do the same thing over again. He Is good at listening to people and learning about them. He loves cooking Korean food and feels it connects him to home. Jae served a two-year mission to Korea. He derives happiness from serving and helping others.

What is your favorite quote?

“Choose your love, love your choice”

What is your favorite vacation?

Traveling everywhere; I love trips and experiencing new cultures. People are so interesting.

What food can’t you live without?


Favorite book, movie?

Harry Potter. I love the series